Who we are


We are a German / Portuguese team working closely together.

On the Portuguese side Helena Manuel is the farm manager as a trained agricultural engineer, supported by Marta Peireira, who, as a graduate oenologist, is in charge of winemaking and Carlos Delgado (also agar engineer), who above all promotes the distribution of the products. The three are your contact person on site. They are assisted in the daily farm work by eight long-time permanent employees, some of whom live on the farm and are all closely involved in the local community. We explicitly support that the team consists of 50% women and 50% men.

On the German side, Antje and Thorsten Kreikenbaum are active as managing partners. Antje Kreikenbaum is also your contact for international sales and the sales office in Bremen.
Carsten Heinemeyer, a trained oenologist from Geissenheim, advises us on all questions of organic viticulture and the vinification of wines.

Together we are in constant creative exchange and try to develop as a team the best of the existing conditions.